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Knight Rider Light Bar 15+1 LEDS

What to do if you bring your son to work on a Friday? Add Knight Rider Lights to his Skelter!

We made a little 'Knight Rider Light Bar' using a strip 15 red and 3 blue LED's and a cheap Atmel micro controller.

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4x4x4 Led Cube Pattern Simulator

At Robota we make crazy projects on Friday. Last Friday we made a LED Cube 4x4x4, this Friday we decided to make a LED Cube simulator.

This application helps you designing patterns for a 4x4x4 led cube. Patterns can be use in the firmware of the led cube. You find the application on the next page.

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Things Made Easy! IoT message service.

Last Friday we made a doorbell to push message device.

After we made a doorbell to Push message device using an Arduino with Ethernet card we decided to make a complete Push message service that you can use to implement messaging within minutes in your thing!

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