4x4x4 Led Cube Pattern Simulator

This application helps you designing patterns for a 4x4x4 led cube. Patterns can be use in the firmware of the led cube. You find the application on the next page.

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Uploading the application to your Atmel, PIC or Arduino powered LED Cube takes time and for those not comfortable with binary representation it takes a long time to design nice patterns.

LED patterns on the LED cube are created using the POV (Persistence of Vision) effect.
Layers are turned on one at the time and for every layer the correct LED's are turned on. This process is repeated many times per second to give you the impression that the LED's stay on.

The first prototype LED cube we made broke down quickly, mainly because of the bad quality of the 20 wires attached. We decided to make a PCB that snaps on the Arduino or has a Atmel chip mounted directly on the PCB. If you like to make your own LED cube, feel free to contact us. We can send you either a single PCB or a complete package with all materials included to build your own!

We developed a little HTML5 script that accepts the binary pattern representation used in many LED cube projects and simulates this in the browser. Just copy and paste the array data in the text field and see how it looks like.

On the next page you can see the script in action. You need a HTML 5 compatible browser supporting canvas. For example: Chrome, Safari, Firefox or the latest IE.

Continue to the cube simulation and pattern generator (HTML5 app) »

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