Heijmans NV Heijmans GO! mobile applications and website
Robota developed the GO! applications and website for Heijmans NV. GO! is available online through the browser and as a mobile application for Android, Apple and Windows. The main purpose of GO! is to improve safety by quickly reporting unsafe situations with the application.
Robota developed a fully responsive website and mobile applications for the Heijmans GO! program. The goal of the GO! program is to improve safety at the workplace by quickly reporting unsafe situations.
Techniek: Perl, SQL, XML, Flash, Java, iOS, Android, Windows
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To the GO! website
LSV Minerva New website for Minerva
Robota has built a new website for LSV Minerva (Leiden Student Organisation Minerva). The website has a CMS and a complex administration system.
Through a Content Management System can Minerva update the content of the website with news, videos, photos and events. The members and the groups can be managed in the administration backend.
The complex part of the backend is the financial part where the members contributions are being managed.
Techniek: SQL,Perl,JavaScript,HTML
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To the LSV Minerva website
YDU Website Young Designers United
Development of a responsive website for the fashion shop Young Designers United in Amsterdam.
Young Designers United is selling fashion from promising Dutch young designers.
Techniek: SQL,Perl,HTML,JavaScript
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TuinTicket Website for gardening vouchers
Robota has built for TuinTicket.nl a website where gardening vouchers can be purchased and managed.
At TuinTicket.nl visitors can purchase gift vouchers for gardening. TuinTicket has an admin environment, and also provides a management environment for suppliers in order to manage their own pages and redeem tickets.
Techniek: SQL,Perl,JavaScript
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To TuinTicket.nl
Designers-Fashion Webshop Designers-Fashion.com
Robota developed for Designers-Fashion an e-commerce platform for upcoming fashion designers in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Robota combined its online expertise and e-commerce competences with the fashion skills of Young Designers United. The result: a unique platform for young designers and exclusive items for fashionistas.
Techniek: SQL,Perl,HTML,JavaScript
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Visit the site
ASTI Collaborator portal
This online portal allows collaborating parties to up- and download surveys in Excel format. Uploaded data is automatically processed by the system.
The portal shows the collaborator processing status and progress and allows data export in various formats such as CSV or Excel. The collaborator can create graphs based on processed survey data.
Techniek: Perl, JSON, SQL, Excel
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The portal is not available for the public, view related data here.
ASTI Data Management Portal for ASTI
We developed for ASTI (Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators) a system for the collecting and reporting indicator data points.
Data is collected in countries where Internet is not always available. This is why data is collected using Excel surveys. Surveys are created using a web interface and generated by the system. The system is available in four languages, collaborators world-wide can login and generate or upload the surveys. Data management can be done using generated Excel reports that can be manually altered and uploaded to the central database.
Techniek: PHP,Perl,SQL,Excel
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Visit the ASTI website
SportVision SportApp Amsterdam
SportApp Amsterdam is a social mobile application to share information about sport in Amsterdam. Robota developed this mobile application together with SportVision.
This mobile application has been developed for iOS. Users can login with their email address or with their Facebook account to share information about sport: they can check in their sport club, invite friends to practice a sport together, read tips and information about sport in Amsterdam.
Techniek: iOS,Objective C
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Download the app
Emesa Vakantieveilingen.nl
Together with a fantastic team at Emesa BV we assisted in rebuilding the real-time auction website vakantieveilingen.nl in a very short time.
Robota assisted with the design of the scalable architecture, leading the team of developers and providing quality assurance on security and code level. Challenges we faced where the real-time auctions combined with the very high traffic of this multiple award winning site. Besides the visible part of the site there was a complicated back office to implement to allow automated processing all tickets, bookings and further administrative processing.
Techniek: PHP,Zend,SQL,MemCache,Node-JS
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Stichting MS Research Flash game
Robota developed the game Mees-Race for the association MS Research. Visitor of the museum Corpus in Leiden can play MeesRace on a console to learn more about the disease Multiple Sclerosis in a playful way.
MeesRace is a game in where the player travels in the nerves of a body, and has to fight different diseases caused by Multiple Sclerosis.
Techniek: Flash, Flex, XML, JavaScript, HTML
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Play the game
Robota New website for Pijntje
Robota built the medical website Pijntje.nl in 2006. After years of great service the website was up to an update!
Pijntje.nl is being used everyday by thousands of visitors and health professionals looking for medical contact details.
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Keesing Games Zigiz.com

Zigiz.com is a very successful gaming website. Robota helped rebuilding the website to a multi label, multi domain, multi lingual website.

We lead the team of great developers and decided about the scalable main architecture of the site. Most games pay out money. That means that every game move has to be verified on the server mimicking the game played by the client(s).

Games are multiplayer and played real-time for money.
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Telegraaf Game website voor TMG
Development of a website about games for the Telegraaf Media Group (TMI-IS).
Special about this site was the connection with Escenic, a content management system used for the main website De Telegraaf. Articles written for the site could also be placed on the main website.
Techniek: Perl, SQL, XML, Flash, Java
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Eric Staller ConferenceBike.com
Development of a website site the famous artist Eric Staller and his fantastic conference bikes.
The site has a CMS that allows quick and easy adding of photos, articles and rental places.
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Robota Many more projects
This is just a very small selection from the projects we did. In the past Robota created software for Robobank, ABN bank, Ministerie van Sociale zaken, Ministerie van Binnenlandse zaken, Apple Computer, ICT, Shell, University of Amsterdam, University of Wageningen, and many, many others.
Besides website we created many mobile applications: over 25 iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, Symbian and now the first Windows Mobile applications.

We also created embedded software for MCS51, Atmel, Motorola, Prototype projects using Pic, Arduino and Raspberry, ...

Desktop applications in KDE (Linux), OSX (and before from Apple system 3.2 up), Windows (DOS up to Windows 7, just starting to explore Windows 8).
Techniek: C,C++,C#,Objective C,Perl,Python,Pascal,VB,PHP,XML,JSON,SQL
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See also our games site.
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