Programming services

We can help you with the concrete development of modules involved in your project.

Robota offers programming services for most common programming languages. If you have well written functionality we can make you a fixed price in advance.

We can help you with software in C, C++, C#, Objective C, Perl, PHP, Python. Further we can assist in the development of embedded systems (MCS51, Linux, Atmel, PIC, etc.).
If we develop new software we always consider security, scalability and costs. Where possible we use proven open source technology.

Project consultancy

If you have your own developers Robota can help you with the monitoring and successful round-up of your project.

Parts of project are often underestimated or not considered important by developers (like architecture, scalability, testing and security). This can seriously shift your delivery date and increase the budget.

A project consultant can provide you with the insights necessary to successfully complete your project. Highly experienced programmers and software architects review your plan to make sure the timeline and milestones set are reasonable.

Software development

Robota can help you with concrete software development in many ways.

While currently many of our projects involve internet, databases and mobile applications we are very interested in technologically challenging projects. Like connectivity with hardware, embedded- or scientific software.

In the past we created software for precision measurements using bezier curves, crane simulation, wireless ticketing, high speed video analysis, IEEE interfaces, process control, artificial life simulation, microsteppers, CNC, robots, medical applications, solar panels, etc.
We are looking forward to execute your project with success! Contact us now!

Architecture & technical design

Many large IT projects fail because there is no design or it is over designed. A good plan and technical design can bring your project to a success within the time and budget.

After we created the design of your project we can estimate the price for all parts and implement them together with you (and your team) using for example Scrum methodology.

With over 25 years of ICT experience, certified Scrum masters and product owners we can help you with any part of this process. If you like we can do any or all parts of the process for a fixed price.


Robota develops apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

We developed over 40 apps for mobile devices. From game or educational app to apps for top 500 companies worldwide.

The development of a mobile application starts with your idea and goal.
A beautiful application is nice but even more important is that your applications is downloaded, used and reaches your business goal. We pay a lot of attention to functionality usability
Our experience goes back to the days before smart phones. We have been involved in the firmware development for mobile devices.

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